Counseling Services


Our agency specializes in Individual Counseling, Grief Counseling, Family Counseling, Anger Management,

Mentoring and Stress Management.

Key Benefits of Individual Counseling

In individual counseling you have the full attention of one of our staff members in a one-to-one atmosphere of understanding, warmth, and insight. Our counselors can help you in a variety of ways because they are excellent sounding-boards, compassionate listeners, and skillful experts in problem solving strategies.

Key Benefits of Anger Management

Anger management refers to therapeutic strategies that allow people to overcome excess feelings of anger, and to not act upon destructive impulses that anger may cause. In some cases people have individual therapy sessions to work on anger management; in other cases, people may work in group therapy to assist with anger management.

Key Benefits of Family Counseling

Family counseling is a type of psychotherapy that may have one or more objectives. Family counseling may help to promote better relationships and understanding within a family; or it may be incident specific, for example during a divorce or the approaching death of a family member. Alternately, family counseling may address the needs of the family when one family member suffers from a mental or physical illness that alters his or her behavior or habits in negative ways.

Key Benefits of Stress Management

Stress can be defined as a specific response the body makes to all non-specific demands placed on it. Stress comes from several main sources, like our environment, our physical bodies, our minds, change and pressure. Environmental stresses can be a result of noise, pollution, weather, overcrowding, crime, and threats to our self- esteem. Physical stress comes from aging, poor nutrition, illness, accidents, inadequate sleep, and over exhaustion. Anytime we have to adjust to change, we are increasing our level of stress, whether that change is positive or negative.